Families with PreK-5th Grade Students Can Now Enroll

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We pleased to announce that we now have additional spots available for students in grades PreK - 5!

If you put your name on the waiting list and are still interested in having your child(ren) attend, you may download and complete the registration packet found here: https://ruralvirtual.org/student-enrollment/

Once completed, please send your your complete packet to:  enrollment@ruralvirtual.org

We will process your application as soon as we have it received, but please expect up to 10 business days to process your paperwork, order your materials, and have your child officially start learning with us in the RVA.  During this time, you are welcome to keep your child in the school setting they are currently attending.  We will be in contact with you throughout the enrollment process as well.

Thank you for choosing to want to have your child and family be part of the RVA!  We are excited to meet and get to know each of you!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in reaching out to our office at 888.801.2666