We all honor our commitment to values in the RVA
through our acts of Community Service

As a graduation requirement, students in the RVA will participate in 8 hours of community service for each year they attend. Students will report their personalized experience through an array of pictures, writings and/or presentations of any kind to their Monday Activity Period Teacher upon completion.

This is a place to practice creativity while helping in our communities. We take pride in helping our communities grow and feel it is to the benefit of the students in RVA to actively participate in contributing to this cause. All community service activity should be shared with your Monday Activity Period Teacher upon completion. See below some of the criteria for your community service project

Virtual education volunteering


  • Every RVA student - 8 hours of volunteer work each school year.
  • These can be completed at any time
  • Consider age-appropriate volunteer opportunities for your child, and something your child is interested in!
  • Your family may already be doing volunteer work! This counts!


  • Once hours are completed, each child is required to submit an explanation of what they did and a “reflection”
  • Report to me how they completed the hours and reflect on how it impacted them and/or others.
  • You do not need to submit a formal log of the hours completed. Here are some ideas for documenting the reflection:
  • draw a picture
  • make a book/poster
  • take photos/video
  • write a written reflection (length proportionate to age of student)
  • create a PowerPoint or other visual presentation
  • meet me online to talk about your experience
  • another format of their choosing! I am flexible


  • volunteering at a hospital, library, church, nursing home, animal humane society, food pantry, etc.
  • helping an elderly neighbor by raking, shoveling snow, mowing the lawn
  • picking up garbage or participating in a "clean up" event
  • delivering meals or donating baked goods
  • providing child care for a family with young children
  • making and sending cards or care packages to someone in need
  • visiting the nursing homes and playing games with the residents
  • ringing bells for the Salvation Army
  • sending letters to military men and women who are overseas
  • random acts of kindness
  • Anything that your child has done to donate time/service to others will be counted!
Student Mom Volunteering Wisconsin

Community service hours that are acceptable:

  • Activities which benefit the school or community provided that the community organizations benefiting from the services are non-profit, with the exception of hospitals, nursing homes, or educational activities.
  • Activities which are not tied to a grade
  • Activities which render service to individuals who cannot otherwise provide for themselves.
  • Anything for which a student does not receive compensation.
Students Animals Volunteering

Examples of approved activities:

  • Participating in a service project as a member of a service club or community organization.
  • Students who leave school to participate in an elementary or middle school, as a part of an instructional/tutoring program approved by the principals in each school.
  • Volunteering at a local hospital, nursing home, etc.
  • Volunteering one’s services to individuals, i.e. senior citizens or the disabled.
  • Volunteering as a coach or instructor for a nonprofit organization such as Little League.
  • ALL tutoring (not paid); including tutoring done before or after school, during lunch.
  • Outreach programs of religious organizations and other non-profit organizations, which provide non-proselytizing service to the poor, sick, needy, etc.
  • Participating in events, i.e., marathons, walks, races, which benefit charitable organizations.