Is there a cost for my RVA curriculum??

This is a great question...there is absolutely NO cost for curriculum or anything else when you are enrolled in the RVA.  We provide you with everything that you need, including curriculum and a chrome book (which is loaned to you upon request).  We also reimburse you for your internet expenses (basic monthly fee) for every month you have a student enrolled in to our school.  The RVA is a home-based public school.  Because we are a public school, we want to provide all students with everything they need with no additional costs to families.

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Community Service Opportunity...

The Wisconsin DNR has a great opportunity for families to get involved with some exciting research. They will be catching newborn deer fawns and putting tracking collars on them to learn more about their survival rates in a Chronic Wasting Disease endemic area. Fawns are born in a relatively short period near the end of May, so we do a lot of work in a relatively short time window. Volunteers can assist in this effort by helping to search for, and capture, fawns as part of daily “search crews”. Volunteers meet at the Dodgeville DNR building and are shuttled to field sites where they help form a line that sweeps fields for newborn fawns.  This is a lot of fun and a neat experience to see, and handle, fawns. The DNR shuttles volunteers, provides water, and coordinates the searches. Anyone who is 12 or older can participate with an accumpanying adult. So, bring your parent and siblings. 

To sign up, send an email to Caitlin Henning or visit them on-line at