I was a little bit apprehensive about [joining the RVA] but with the support of the teachers it is really an easy thing to do, all of the work is right there. The curriculum is set up so that you can succeed. They do a wonderful job with any questions; we are usually in contact with them on the phone or through emails once a week. So if I have a question there’s always somebody there to help me out. If you were looking for a virtual school I would definitely recommend RVA.
— Tammy, Mother
The staff takes the time to get to know you and figure out why you actually joined and not just who you are, they’re non-judgmental. We have people of all different types, sorts, situations and [yet] we are all just the same. Talk to your guidance counselor, that’s how I learned about RVA
— Cassie, Student
I’d recommend it. I was sort of scared at first when it started, I didn’t really get to see friends a lot because I was home all the time. It means more now when I get to see my friends because I don’t see them every day.
— Ben, Student