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If no two children are alike then why should they have the exact same educational solutions?

We believe your child’s education should be as unique as they are. They all can’t fit in the same box and they shouldn’t.

At the RVA, we strive to provide families the resources they need to provide a strong academic foundation, the flexibility to learn on their own schedule and at their own pace, teachers that both engage and inspire, and specialty classes that your typical brick and mortar school can’t provide.

This customized education is FREE for all families who choose to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.


What is The RVA?

Simply stated, we are a public school, with the same accreditation and accountability as your local brick and mortar school. The difference is, we have the freedom to teach your children the way they learn best.

Charter schools like the Rural Virtual Academy (RVA) were originally created to help improve our nation’s public school system and offer parents another public schooling option to better meet their child’s specific needs.


We Put Your Child at the Center of Their Education

Child Center of Education

A New Approach

We all shuffled onto the yellow limo as children, our parents waved to us from the curb, hoping we would thrive, or at least not fail, in the one-size-fits-all system that was available. But now as parents, you have the ability to choose a fully customizable and flexible educational program centered around your child with the help of Rural Virtual Academy (RVA). We put you in the driver’s seat and give you all the tools you need to deliver a curriculum based on your child’s abilities and gifts. You won’t do it alone though. You will have the RVA and a host of dedicated educators and innovative online resources to help you along the way.

Flexibility for Family

RVA is a great fit for those who want to spend more quality time with their family. If the Grandparents come to visit in the fall, you have the flexibility to take a week off. That’s not to say you don’t have to work hard, but sometimes you can do extra work in advance so you can free up the time your family needs in the future.


You won't be going it alone.

We all work together to provide a customized education tailored to your child.

  • Is customized to each student based on evaluation and interests

  • Provides incremental assessments to determine progress

  • Is brought to life through interactive media designed by graphic artists to engage students

  • Offers hundreds of courses from core foundations, to courses for children with unique challenges, as well as gifted courses for the previously under challenged students and everything in between

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  • Evaluates students’ strengths & weaknesses

  • Available to help if student struggles

  • Helps guide parents through curriculum

  • Provides extra curricular activities & opportunities for socialization

  • Provides internet and/or a computer for students if needed

  • Offers a variety of field trips, online clubs, events and seminars

  • Promptly answers your emails, and can meet with you in person or at the various functions that RVA hosts

  • Receive training using multimedia resources, online classrooms and interactive tools

  • Broadcast instructions live with students in virtual classrooms, demonstrate new ideas, start discussions, play media and answers questions

  • Modify lesson plans if needed or offer additional resources for educational opportunities

  • Are Wisconsin State certified to teach their grade and subjects

Home Mentor
  • Provides a safe learning environment free from the typical brick and mortar distractions

  • Sets the students schedule

  • Assists with lessons

  • Monitors grades and understands concepts

  • Communicates with teacher and the RVA to address assessments, challenges and successes

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The Virtual Classroom

The RVA virtual classrooms are just like typical classrooms in a brick and mortar school but with small differences that we believe help students focus and thrive.

The RVA students see their teachers just like they would in a typical classroom, except in the virtual classroom their teachers are demonstrating concepts on screen. Students still see the process of problem solving unfold and can engage with other students and teachers simply through typing instead of speaking.

Students can raise their hand by pressing a button and, for instance, can ask, “How did you get to this step?” 

Students’ questions are typically thoughtful, because they are engaged and not distracted by the sights and sounds of other students like in the brick and mortar classroom environment. 

Students can be bold and express themselves and not fear retribution from bullies, giving them an opportunity to take on 100% responsibility for their educational experience!

Online Tools to Engage, Challenge and Measure Performance

According to a recent study conducted by The Research Institute of America, e-Learning has the power to increase information retention rates by up to 60%. This means not only is e-Learning more cost efficient, but it’s also more effective in terms of how much knowledge is truly acquired during the learning process. 

Our online student dashboard empowers students and parents by giving a visual, high-level overview of the students’ grades, progress, important announcements and interpersonal communication thereby driving ownership and accountability. The way students learn is drastically shifting. Our combination of powerful technology with passionate teachers is creating a new path to a limitless future.

RVA – A Year Round Partner Who Cares

Our students continue to exceed expectations and the parents of our school children are second to none. Likewise, the teachers and staff of the RVA are some of the best educators because each embraces the idea that relationships between home and school is the ultimate determining factor in student success and parent satisfaction. Our staff works year-round, selflessly placing the needs of their students and school families, at times, beyond even their own.


What to Expect at Each Educational Stage

The RVA will create an educational program that will teach your child to love to learn vs. just sending them off and hoping for the best.
Below you will find what you can expect as your child progresses through the RVA.


Grades PreK-5

A Great Start While Learning to Love Education

Grades 6-8

Advancing on Becoming More Independent

Grades 9-12

On their Path to a Limitless Future


RVA Lead Image Pieces-01.png
RVA Reading
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