Identify Photographs of Animals for Community Service!

Virtual School Volunteer Opportunity DNR

 Are you looking for a community service opportunity? The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is looking for volunteers to help identify photographs of animals taken with motion-sensor trail cameras.  There is a network of cameras across the state that are used to help keep track of wildlife populations.  These cameras take A LOT of photos and you can help identify the animals in those photos from your Chromebook. 

Once the photos are collected, the DNR needs help pre-screening them before sending some of them onto Zooniverse.  You will be assigned to specific camera sites across the state and asked to make sure that there aren’t any photos of humans or too many blank photos.  To sign up for this behind the scenes look at Snapshot Wisconsin send an email to Please use the subject line “Student MySnapshot Volunteer”. Please include in your email your name, your mailing address (so we can send you a thank you note!). 

You never know what kind of animal you may see.  There are lots of squirrels and deer, but occasionally you find a wolf, bear, bobcat or elk.  It is a lot of fun and the information you gather helps conservation efforts in Wisconsin.  For more information, you can visit Or contact or call 608-572-6103.