Grades PreK-5: Off to a Great Start While Learning to Love Education

The RVA will create an educational program that will teach your child to love to learn vs. just sending them off and hoping for the best. Below you will find what you can expect from the RVA if your child is at the PreK-5 grade level.

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The Home Mentor’s Role

At this stage in your child’s education, your time and care is most needed. A home mentor can spend up to 5 hours a day hands-on with their student. You will be responsible for:

  • Setting the learning schedule including all activities and breaks

  • Helping with lessons

  • Tracking student’s grades and ability to understand concepts

  • Communicating with teachers



The Curriculum at this Stage

In the earliest stage, the curriculum is focused on building the foundation of a well rounded education with reading, writing and math. Later, broader subjects like science, social studies, technology, art and physical fitness are introduced. Every aspect of the curriculum is focused on teaching your student to LOVE education. Students have a healthy mix of workbooks, lab activities and online tools, like learning games, to engage your young student.


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The RVA Elementary Teacher’s Role

While the home mentor is doing the lion share of the daily instruction, your teacher is there to bring all the concepts together and to further motivate the young student and in addition, they offer support to the home mentor if needed and may also offer personalized online lessons.