Top 12 Reasons to School from Home

Virtual School Kids Fun
  1. Lots of time with your children. Instead of putting your kids on the yellow limo and waiting for them to return 8-9 hours later, your family is together. Eating lunch together, cuddling over a reading lesson or math lesson, going for a nature walk... you get to spend more time with each of your kids because you school from home.

  2. Wonderful opportunities for character development. Schooling from home provides you with plenty of opportunities to teach conflict resolution, the value of hard work, teamwork, personal responsibility, and more. Many people are teaching these things in spite of a choice of “traditional school” education for their children, but RVA families have eight more hours in which they can spend at least a portion of each day on character development.

  3. You can really drill down into a subject. If an RVA kid gets a specific interest they can really focus in on that interest and receive plenty of information and tools to explore that area.

  4. You kids can be kids and PLAY! No short recesses! Even if your kids don’t get outside as much as you’d like, they can spend plenty of time with their toys and games when lessons are done.

  5. Your kids can get plenty of sleep. Our growing teens and tweens either sleep in or take naps as needed. A benefit of schooling from home they surely appreciate!

  6. RVA kids aren’t exposed to every cold or virus tearing through the brick and mortar. We still hang out with other kids – but no one is forced to drink out of a bubbler after gym class. That alone has to save at least a couple colds a year!

  7. We don’t have to do “homework.” For the most part, your kids can get their lessons done during the school day and do not have to spend evenings over their books.

  8. You can travel whenever you want. If you want to take a vacation at the height of the snowy season and escape for a couple weeks to somewhere warmer you can school from under a palm tree.

  9. You can work at your own pace or get ahead with year-round schooling! In the RVA elementary school, parents can pace their child's learning in a way that best suits their needs. RVA high schoolers can take up to 9 credits per year and extended learning opportunities in the summer along with collegiate leveled courses to maximize their time and potential during their high school years!

  10. Your kids can provide input on the curriculum choices and can directly impact their path of learning in certain subjects. Your high schoolers can tailor their education to their interests. No filler classes or study halls here.

  11. Nobody gets made fun of for interesting clothing choices. Kids can express themselves and their creativity and no one will get bullied.

  12. There’s no pressure to get the latest and greatest $100 shoes, jeans, or purse.