Schooling in the RVA - The Basics

Homeschooling in Wisconsin

When you're new to the RVA, the logistics can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be a stressful time. These basics will help you have you up and running as stress-free as possible.

Everything in RED is clickable to help you quickly find the tools you need to succeed!

1. Make the Decision to School from Home

Making the decision to school from home can be difficult and is not one to be made lightly. As you are deciding if the RVA is right for you, consider factors such as:

  • The time commitment

  • The pros and cons of schooling from home based on your family’s needs

  • Your spouse and child’s opinions about schooling from home

There are many factors that go into deciding to join the RVA and many are unique to your family’s specific needs.

Read through our website and take in the way we school at the RVA and what each stage looks like for your child’s grade. If the are PreK-5 or 6-8 or 9-12 your role as the home mentor is different and the way your student learns is different. Click on the red grades above to learn what everyones roles are for deeper understanding.

We also encourage you to call the office at: 888-801-2666 and speak to one of our secretaries. We take pride in that we are just regular Wisconsin folk, not some big corporation like other schools and that when you call us, you feel like your talking to family. Our staff have your best interests at heart and it shows when you talk to them.

If your student is in PreK-5 use ext. 831 to talk to Angie.
If your student is in 6-8 use ext. 821 to talk to Sandy.
If your student is in 9-12 use ext. 822 and talk to Ember.
If your student has special needs use ext. 834 and talk to Susie.

It might help to talk to other RVA families in person after an orientation or online at our #MyRVA group.

Click here to review our annual report to get the facts about the RVA. Every year we give our families a survey (that section is at the end of the report) and we ask them to rate all aspects of our school, our teachers, staff, the curriculum...etc. and ask them to offer feedback good and bad and we publish it. You won't find any other school that would be willing to do that. We take those results and we make changes to address parental concerns. We are always evolving to meet what our families want and need because we work for you. We never lose sight of that.

So you’ve decided that RVA is the school for you. You love the extended family feel of the RVA and trust in it’s motto: Relationships. Values. Academics… in that order no apologies! All you need to do is click the button Enroll Today just below and you can complete the registration paperwork fully online in little time. Easy!

2. Start Strong

Once your filled out your registration for the RVA, you’ll want to do all that you can to ensure that you start on a positive note. If your student is transitioning from your local brick and mortar to the RVA, there are steps you can take to smooth the transition. For example, you’ll want to allow time for everyone to make the adjustment. You don’t have to make every decision right away.

Make sure you attend an orientation! They cover the basics and we also record them so you can go back an rewatch them! Reach out to the office at 888-801-2666 and they can get you a link to watch them!

Watch some of our Home Mentor Series Videos for helpful tips about motivation or learning styles.

Have your student sign our Virtual School Contract so they are aware that have a responsibility to try their hardest and have a good attitude about school.

3. Learn the Basics of Scheduling

RVA Students generally have a great deal of freedom and flexibility when it comes to scheduling, but it sometimes takes a while to find what works best for your family. Learning how to create a homeschool schedule doesn't have to be difficult when you break it down into manageable steps.

It can be helpful to ask other RVA families what a typical homeschool day looks like for them. A few tips to consider:

  • When your kids work best: Are they early birds or night owls?

  • Your spouse’s work schedule

  • Outside classes and commitments

4. Join RVA Events with Your Family

Meeting together with other RVA families at events can be helpful way to share ideas with other families, learn what works for them and just a great chance to socialize and have fun!

We provide over 100 free events throughout the year. You can check our all ages events page or our high school specific events to plan your next trip.