PreK-5 Enrollment Freeze


Special Announcement for PreK-5 Enrollments

The quality of our students education is paramount to us at the RVA. That is why, due to an unprecedented interest this year, the RVA has has reached full capacity in both regular and special education in grades PreK - 5.  We are putting a freeze on new enrollments for grades PreK - 5 effective 12:00 p.m. (noon) Thursday, August 9th. 

RVA High School enrollments are still open.

All PreK-5 families in the process of enrollment at the closure deadline, will still be allowed to enter the school.  All further inquires will need to be placed on a numbered waiting list. We will inform all interested parents that we may have additional openings in the future should we be able to find suitable additional staff and/or not all anticipated enrollments follow through.

If space becomes available, but prior to the third Thursday in September, the RVA shall randomly select the appropriate number of applicants from the waiting list.  

If space becomes available after the third Thursday in September, applicants will be selected in the order in which they chronologically expressed interest to attend with preference given to siblings, then resident district consortium families (non-open enrolled) in accordance to the law.