"Grateful for Communication" Giveaway Contest

Good Morning Awesome RVA Families!

As we are quickly approaching Thanksgiving, we are taking the time to count our blessings and truly define what we are grateful for at the RVA. One of those things is COMMUNICATION! When our Elementary and Middle School teachers receive it from families they feel so grateful to hear what they are doing great and are even grateful to know what isn't working, so they can course correct the ship and head in a better direction.

So with this in mind we are having a "Grateful for Communication" Giveaway Contest for our Elementary and Middle School Families through the month of November!

It's easy to win too! All we ask is that in November you stay in good communication with your teacher and every Friday, starting November 9, we will randomly select a elementary and middle school student to receive an awesome prize. After four weeks of prizes giveaways, any student/family that completed all four weeks of good communication will be entered into the grand prize to have a chance to win an Amazon tablet on Dec 3!

You might ask yourself, "What do they mean by good communication?" We ask that you send your teacher a few updates via email, phone call or even video chat every week during the contest time to qualify. We know you don't need the extra motivation to communicate but check out the prizes below :)

We look forward to hearing from all of you. Thanks!

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 2.12.24 PM.png