Student athletes who are being schooled from home and playing for a local consortium school in a team or individual sport, or those student athletes who are pursuing athletic competition in a variety of fields including preparing for competitions, will want their course work in their online high school approved by the NCAA to meet academic eligibility requirements for scholarships and participation. 

These student athletes must balance the demands of a challenging sport training and competition schedule, while being able to devote the necessary time to their academic program.  The RVA understands these unique student needs and provides a program of academic quality while allowing the student athlete to devote the necessary time to their athletic pursuits.

The NCAA has established regulations for courses that these student athletes take in a non-traditional setting.  The list of RVA courses below are approved by the NCAA to meet athletic eligibility as they enter college. The student is responsible for ensuring that he or she meets NCAA Core Course requirements.  

Approved Courses



Creative Writing
English I
English II
English III
Gothic Literature
Public Speaking

Social Science

Anthropology I
Anthropology II
Government and Civics
Psychology - Dual Credit
Sociology - Dual Credit
US History
World History


Algebra II
College Algebra - Dual Credit
Integrated Math I

Natural/Physical Science

Body Structure and Function - Dual Credit
Earth and Space Science I
Earth and Space Science II
Forensic Science I
Forensic Science II
Physical Science

Additional Core

Chinese I
Spanish I
Spanish II