Welcome to Returning Family Online Registration!

Let this page serve as a guide for your transition from paper enrollment to paperless online enrollment.
Follow the steps carefully and you should be done with registration quickly and easily!


Step 1:
Receiving an email with Skyward username and password information.

You should have received an email that directed you to this page. That same email also contains your username and password to log into Skyward. Skyward is the program where all students' and families’ records are stored. It’s also where you will go to update any personal information and SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE T-SHIRT FOR EACH OF YOUR STUDENTS!

Step 2:
Choosing Courses for High School

If your student(s) are in
PreK-8, skip to Step 3!

If you have a student who is in High School or who is entering High School, you will need to sit down with them and decide what courses they would like to request. You can find the course catalog here: https://ruralvirtual.org/course-descriptions. You may want to take note of what classes your student is interested in, because later in the registration process you will be asked to list your course selections.

Here is a sample of what you will be filling out later. Note that courses with boxes containing x’s are required in most cases. For example in 9th grade you may only request what type of Math you would like and a few electives.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 4.28.48 PM.png

Do your best filling this out and don’t worry if you make any mistakes. We use this form to get an idea of your initial course selections. A High School Counselor will reach out to you to finalize your course selections and schedules after you complete your returning family registration for all your students in the RVA.

Step 3:
Watch the video to get familiar with the process

The video below will show you the process of signing into your parent Skyward account, navigating to the registration button, and walking through the returning family registration process.

Step 4:
Register ALL your students

Log in to Skyward with the username and password here:


Then complete the enrollment process for all of your children returning to the RVA!


The earlier the better! Early registration will ensure you get your t-shirts, course selections, and materials before those who wait until later to register.